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Orientation Follow-Up, Shiny Pokemon Hunting, Twitter, and Tumblr!
Mei Exhausted

Orientation and Agoraphobe Blah!Collapse )

As for Shiny Hunting, recently I made a Tumblr Community for Shiny Pokemon Hunting in X/Y with hebilea. It's still very small! We'd like it to grow so that more users will use it to help them find/trade/show off their shinies. If you are interested, please check it out!

[Here is a screenshot]

Also here is my personal Tumblr for anyone interested:
There isn't really much right now, but I'll probably post up some art [mostly Pokemon, Anime stuff] in the future xD

I made a Twitter too! [Wow I feel so hip] It'll probably be the same as my personal tumblr, but random status update stuff.

Thanks for reading!

[Almost] Job Get
Curious Eggy
I almost have a job at a Smart & Final near my house. My Cousin's Wife took me in after my Auntie and mother talked about it.

Majority of the paper work has been filled out and I already took and passed a drug test and background check.

I'm still rather anxious and nervous as I had fallen ill to a very severe case of Agoraphobia for the past two years, but at the same time I'm excited that I am going to be working again and will be able to buy things. I feel like I was forced into this more rather than me making this decision, but I'm trying to keep positive thoughts like my friend once said, "Maybe this is good for Me" or Maybe this is the push I needed.

I just have to get through the 6 hours orientation tomorrow at another Smart & Final that is about 14 minutes away e___E I'm feeling rather anxious about the trip there.... My agoraphobia and Social phobia acting up....If I can just get through this then next week I'll be starting at the closer store near my house and won't have to worry so much about far trips..

I'm going to have to reply to all of the comments I've received on my newest post later tomorrow after I get home.

Wish me luck and Good night! <3
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Did I -
Did I just.....
Did I just win a Sneasel In-Case Figure?
The elusive Sneasel In-Case Figure which has been one of my grails for 3+ years, ever since I joined PKMNCollectors?

Which ever since I first joined, I had never seen another instance of anywhere, outside of the photos of the one in _nofuture_nohope's collection?

And I just won this figure for $2 after I has just returned back to the comm after many months of inactivity...?



Please Excuse me while I try to take this all in.


Hello Everyone!
I've successfully moved! I sincerely apologize for not writing earlier, but I am still adjusting and have some things to settle!
Thank you to anyone who still remembers me! *bow* TwT

I will take some time a little later to go through some of the journals and get myself updated on you all, but I will try to write more! I won't be as active on the collecting community as I used to be due to a drop in finances, but I may take a peek every now and then!

As for today, I wanted to write about an amazing event! By sheer luck/chance, I was able to find a very old and dear friend of mine from the past [2009!]!
It all started last [now last, last night] night when I was reminiscing about old OC's [Original characters] I once had and remembered an old PChat site that I used to frequent called "Iscribble.net". I found that I remembered my old login info and logged on in order to see my old profile and friends. I discovered a comment from my best friend at the website, dated back to 2012 saying hello and asking how I was. I was shocked and went to her page, gaining hope when I saw that she had posted something just last year.

I went to DA and searched up the name of her old OC she used to RP with [I had done this before in the past but never got any results, so I hadn't done a search in years....]. She used to have a DA account but switched accounts a few times and then disappeared, I was hoping she had a new one or old one I didn't know about that I could get a clue from.

I was actually able to find her new account on DA after recognizing a picture of her OC, but her account hadn't been used in a couple years.  I left a comment anywho and was able to find the DA account I had with Iscribble folks due to DA searching another friend from IScribble who I remember had me watched.

My Friend drew me this FANTASTIC ADORABLE picture of our OC's we used to RP with to celebrate our reunion ;w; /HAPPY SOB
Click to SEE CUTECollapse )
And I drew this less fabulous Sketch Doodle in Return >u>;
Click to SEE ATTEMPTED CUTECollapse )
I dunno if those of you will really understand this if you're not into shipping, but I think MOST IF NOT ALL OF MY FLIST DOES SHIPPING LOL.

I've actually always wanted to pair them since we used to RP them on the Paintchat, and after finally mustering up the courage and asking my friend, SHE SAID SHE HAD ALWAYS FELT THE SAME WAY AND WANTED TO SHIP THEM TOO!!!! *SCREAM* ☆☆☆SHIKIxHAELO☆☆☆ MY NEW OTP

My life is complete..

I can die happy. swoons one more time

Thanks to anyone who [hasn't left my flist] and reads! ;u;
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I am going to need at least a minimum of two of these bbys <333333333333333333 This is one of the THREE four only plush that sneasel has ever officially gotten, and the other two three were Jakks, and not that great quality. I don't think you can comprehend how EXCITED I AM ;w;  I was so excited that I derped and forgot the mini throw plush XD anyway EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Terraria and Stuff
Terraria [a Sandbox type Game on Steam] just got an update on the first and I've been playing it with my bf and friend. There's so much new stuff, it's crazy! @_@
I've been trying to build our house and I made it BEAUTIFUL, but the NPC's WON'T MOVE IN! >:|
I tried everything and yet I continuously get "Invalid Housing" or some crap.  What sucks is all the time I spent into the darn building and then my friend wanted to unlock hard mode [need the guide npc] so he decided to try building some teeny minimalest of minimal houses and THEY MOVE IN AKJDKJAJA:;;

If anyone plays Terraria and would like to look at my house to help me  figure out what is wrong, I would be happy to post Screencaps :s

In other news, I found a lot that has a figure I've been looking for:
I really want that Weavile but there are so many extra figures... Would anyone want to GA this with me?

If not, I'll probably just try to bid on the lot myself and be stuck with tons of random figures lol..
I would do it myself, [I know a lot of people hate members who ask others to take care of shipping], but I have a case of agoraphobia.  I don't like to talk about it, but I get extreme anxiety when having to make trips to the postal office, since it is a bit far :S

Food Poisoning + Artist Vectors Help?
Curious Eggy
Hello Buddylist!

I feel like I've been having some baaaaaad luck lately [Friday the 13th anyone?].
Firstly I freaked out when I took a 5 hour energy for the first time on Thursday or Friday, the secondly I got an infection and ingrown toenail on my big toe of my right foot which already had the nail piercing on the other side :T

To top it all off was the food poisoning I got yesterday after eating some bad oysters [I feel sick just remembering it! X__X] which had me feel like I was dying [I will leave out the unpleasant parts of the story] for hours :C
I was SEVERELY ILL for the whole day and am still feeling it a bit today, although my condition has improved greatly after a lot of rest and switching to the BRAT diet [Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast]


Wellllllll, the brightside that came out of my food poisoning was that my boyfriend was very sweet and spoiled me took care of me, making me congee and providing me with whatever I needed, from ibuprofen to electronic devices to play on, while I laid on the couch literally sick to my stomach.

Mmmm that congee was yummy~  I hope I can start eating real food and leave the BRAT diet soon :S

Moving onto the vectors. I know there are a few artists on my friendslist~ So I was wondering if I could implore if anyone could teach me about vectors/vector pen lineart [Preferably in Photoshop]  :0
I've tried learning it in the past, but it has always been too foreign and difficult to me [anchors and points and AGHHHHH] :S
The reason I really want to learn it is because my friend asked me to help her turn a logo design she created for her class, into a digital file. She's a really great friend, so I want to make it as high quality and professional looking as possible, and so I want to use vectors to do the lines.

if anyone could give me some advice or point me to an [easy] tutorial, I'd deeply appreciate it! I've been searching through DA for tutorials and none of them are working for me. I feel really dumb B|

The Day Goes By Far Too Quickly
Mei Exhausted
I apologize for the lack of journals.  I do read journals but I don't always know how to comment haha :s

I've been really  tired lately and the days seem to pass by so quickly.  Before I know it, the whole day had passed and it's time for bed.
There's not much new to chat about but lately I've been really exhausted for some reason. I hope it is not something bad :s

I'm trying to fix my sleep schedule but it's rather difficult to do =__= At least I am getting back on track with art though! I finished three commissions today before my brain clocked out haha

Another story is that I've been searching for gifts for my boyfriend's brothers as thank yous for the kindness they've shown me.  I recently got the younger brother [who is actually the same age as me] a Twilight Sparkle pillow, since he is a big Brony and loves Twili:
When I found it for a great deal [and not ridiculous like the $64 listings on Ebay], I snagged it up right away. I was extremely excited waiting for it to come in the mail. I inspected it when it arrive [due to being skeptical about the price] but it was perfectly fine and MWT. The only downside was that it was a bit smaller than I expected, but it was still a nice size.  Andy liked it a lot. The second gift I am thinking of getting him will either be the Funko Pop! Twili Figure, or a Twili Key Holder:

Read more...Collapse )

Welp! I've rambling on long enough. It's time for bed! xD I hope everyone is having a good morning/afternoon/night or rest for those who are asleep [which is what I should be doing :'D !]

Night Night Flist!
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Dinkie Dino
Yay! I just scored a legit Dinkie Dino Virtual Pet! (*^0^*)丿
Couple a photosCollapse )
I don't really know much about these, but apparently they came out during the Tamatgotchi fad back in the 90's and were "tamagotchi's for boys" Snirk. ( ̄ー ̄)
Blah Blah! WOO! Blah blah!Collapse )

Gee, I sure feel lucky lately with these finds! I hope my boyfriend likes this present~

Mweheee I can't wait for it to arrive so that I can surprise him~ [Shouldn't be too long as the seller is in the same state as I am and the feedback states that they are amazingly speedy and shipping! :D]

I also kind of want a furin [japanese wind chime]. The sound is so pretty and it's reminiscent of Summer days [which are coming to an end!] The problem is that there are so many kinds to choose from! :S

Well I am off to bed! I do hope that everyone is having as great a day/night as I~

HDD Problems and LoL
Hello Friends! I am finally getting off of my butt to post a journal. I haven't been around  mainly due to problems with my PC.

Last week, my Hard Drive got messed up and made these strange "skipping" noises whenever I attempted to let it boot. Instead of booting normally, it would continuously state "media test failure check cable". Although, I had tried unplugging everything and replugging them back in, it was to no avail...Upon  researching, I discovered that that noise was commonly referred to as "the click of death" and generally is a symptom of a bad HDD which has died or is near the end of it's life span.

blah blah blah blu blu bluCollapse )

The only Pokemon related news I have is that I'm currently waiting for my package containing two grails to arrive in the mail :0 OH I also think I might have won a female pikachu plush, but I will write about that tomorrow!
Apologies for anyone who is waiting for replies from me! I will be answering them all tomorrow/later today!  For now, I am headed back to LoL for more Co-op vs AI Dominion :D