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Zombie Prince
Curious Eggy
Hello! It's been a long, long time since I last posted on here xD

A lot of things in my life have sure changed since I was last here!
One of the biggest though would be that I got a Doge. We named her "Ibuki" and she'll be turning 9 this November~

[I tied the scarf from the plush I recieved from aarux around her neck xD]

I just thought I'd drop by and say hi for anyone who still has been on thier buddylist! I've been sorta on a hiatus concerning collecting, but I have a bunch of random Pokemon stuff leftover from lots I've won in the past.

I'm currently waiting for my S.O. to send me my PKMN stuff and then I shall be rangling up a sales post with a possible small collection update for the first time in forever.  I don't even remember what items are "new gets" anymore xD

I hope everyone has been well! I haven't been on the collecting community in nearly a year, so perhaps I have some catching up to do~

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OMG THAT SWEET BAB. Mark and I are planning on getting a doge of our very own after we get a house ;3; I can't wait!! It'll be a few years yet tho...

I know the feel of being on hiatus from collecting tho. I've sold most of my collection, and the only things I buy are like $20 or less plush that I want to put on my purse. Ahaha

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